Our Services

Subject to clients wishes.  Loverde Builders can provide design, permitting, and coordination with interior and landscape designers.  As talks progress, the cost of a project invariably is a topic of discussion.  Before going through a full bid process with our subs, we can give a potential client the costs per square foot of our most recent projects so that they have a realistic idea of the probable cost of a Loverde built home.  Prior to the start of construction we produce a very detailed schedule that highlights our critical path as well as alerting the client to decisions that have to be made in a timely manner throughout the process.  Rich makes himself available to meet with clients seven days a week recognizing that weekends are often best times for our clients to travel to the job site.

Loverde Builders maintains a long term relationship with our clients.  Many are listed on a reference list that is available to all or our potential clients, and the past clients are happy to discuss their relationship and experience with our company.   We are more than willing to provide additional client references beyond our list.  We have always been available to our clients as the years pass to assist them where necessary and they do the same for our company.   Our employees work throughout the year unless extreme winter weather conditions prevent us from working safely and our projects have historically seldom missed more than a few days during a heavy winter.  All Loverde Builder employees are provided with health benefits which allow us to maintain a stable workforce.

Our subcontractors are chosen from a select list produced by many years of experience.  We honor our relationships with each other which leads to the maximum product built in as efficient a time frame possible.


Loverde Builders, Inc’s mission is to provide an exceptional client experience through the highest quality building process consistently completing our projects on schedule and within or under budget.

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