Meeks Bay Point

While looking at these photos you will wonder where this home was built. What city? Maybe which ski area? This chameleon is located on a point overlooking Meeks Bay and all of Lake Tahoe, but the truth is, it really could be anywhere. From the beautiful woods, rustic rock, a Dale Chihuly light fixture in the formal dining room, scraped wood floors, French antiques, California art, paneled elevator, American Indian murals in the family gathering area, below grade basement, and separate guest quarters you might be confused, but the views of Lake Tahoe from every angle, including the Master bathtub, do not let you forget exactly where you are. Word has it that a bear visited inside the house one night, roamed around, sat on the back of the office toilet upon hearing the Owner approaching, but left rather quickly when the Owner came downstairs and “asked” him to leave. No damage was done. That is one classy bear who knows how to pick a great house!

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