Westshore Remodel

While we specialize in new construction, Loverde Builders also does remodeling as well. This project, redesigned by Walton Architecture & Engineering, was a combination of both. The original Lakefront house needed a new roof, siding, and general updating, and the Owners grandchildren were growing older and needed their own sleeping and gathering spaces. As desired by the Owner, the new design was true to the original architecture and included a billiards/TV room, bunk room, and update to all existing bedrooms and bathrooms. The kitchen was also completely redone as well as interior wood siding, textures, flooring materials and trims. As a result, all of these areas look like they had been there since the house was first built, but the entire house also looks like it was built yesterday, and in many areas that is true also. This project is an excellent example of good synergy between all team members including LBI subcontractors chosen for this remodel.

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