Westshore Jewel Box

When this Ward Young designed home was finished and furnished, the first remark Rich Loverde made was “This is a jewel box!” This home was built for the Owner and his frequent guests, but he wanted a home he could be comfortable in by himself. His home has clean architectural lines, and 4,100 square feet in multiple stories. To avoid a height issue a basement was built, very uncommon at Tahoe, with space for a recreation room, mechanical room and storage. The copper, circular staircase is unique as Rich Loverde and the fabricator from Colorado designed it in a pinwheel form that takes people up 1/2 floor at a time and lets them off in different areas of the various floors. By standing at the bottom and looking straight up to the ceiling the design becomes apparent. This was done to facilitate shipping and the Loverde crew put it together on site “like a Lego set”. A copper covering for the chimney chase that divides the living area from the kitchen was burnished on site by the Loverde Team resulting in soft colors looking like they are drifting through the copper. What LBI finds most rewarding about what we do is handing over a finished project to our owners knowing that we have built them exactly what they envisioned.

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