Big Springs Capecaillie

Another labor of love! The homeowners were fully involved with every detail in this home. It was a complete collaboration between the Ryan Group lead architect, David Horan, the owner’s with their innate strong sense of design, and the Loverde Builders team who were able to translate the plans and dreams into striking reality. Quoting the architect: “If the design has a single concept, its form follows function. The owners didn’t want to create the unnecessary”. They saved trees on the property and used the milled wood from trees that had to be taken down to form the home’s exposed concrete walls and floor joists. They also selected clear-stained cedar siding and eucalyptus flooring, used nontoxic glues and formaldehyde-free woods. The Owner sees this house as one that, “100 years from now, someone will be enjoying this house.” Loverde Builders was proud to share the 2008 Outstanding Project of the Year award with the Ryan Group.

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