Tahoe City Lakefront

Lakefront property in Tahoe City is rare, particularly one with a pier.  When our client found this property with a small, all but falling down house on it, she knew this would work for her family.  She hired Loverde Builders and Nick Kromydas to make her Tahoe dream come true.   This home is situated on a steep lot, but due to the combined talents of her team, she was able to have a 7,899  square foot house built on the property.  It is a testimony to all, including especially the talented carpenters who worked on the house, that this house came together beautifully.

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"We are all in the services business (me too) and work hard on behalf of every client. We all care greatly that our clients are pleased with the end product of the services we provide. Some projects work, some - no matter how hard we try - less so. Every now and then there is an end result that is truly exceptional. That is the case with our house." – Lee