Tahoe Vista Lakeview

Showing off our company’s versatility, this unique home was constructed by the Loverde Builders Team on a hillside of a scree field spanning 1.2 acres and jumping 200 feet in elevation. To achieve a 270 degree view of the lake, a collection of towers raise the home up and out of the landscape, which could only be achieved utilizing Loverde Builder’s tower crane. Local materials were used to harmonize the collaboration of glacier stone, slate, steel, glass and redwood, from the exterior to the interior of the house, providing not only exquisite features but also capitalizing on these elements and their structural significance. From the 4,300 square foot main house to the guest house below, flawless views of the lake take center stage as this new residence becomes the new stunner of the North Shore. The home was beautifully designed by architect Joel Sherman of jls design.

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